. . . to a blog about all the things you can do with — or to — a guitar. Topics: DIY, instruments, amps, effects, recording, software, technique, music history, music heresy.

2 comments to Welcome…

  • Bob White

    Very cool site Joe, Have to get over here more often.

  • Will

    No talk of secret composition resistors. No mention of rare earth capacitors sourced from NASA. No IC chips baked in ovens at 30 degrees then rubbed with a small piece of meteorite. Straight talk! Some one who admits that there are only LPb 1, Fuzz Face, Dirty Sanchez, Tube Screamer and Big Muff Pie circuits, or combinations of all of the above. Radical. And you believe a Tele is a Tele cos it clucks, a LP is warm drive sounds and heaven forbid, play a Rik if you want jangle! Todays sounds on yer grandfathers guitar. Refreshing. A $00.32 cap, sold on E-bay for $7.95 don’t make the sound. It’s what people like you put with it, and in what order, that makes the sound. Thanks again to you and Fuzz Box Girl for some pedal talk, without the black magic. Will Australia

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