I has a sign.

Is anyone attending the 2017 NAMM thing next week in Anaheim? I’ll be there demoing my pedals and checking out the latest guitars and gizmos. If you’re there, stop by and say hi! I’ll be at booth #6820 in Hall A (that is, the pro audio room where guitarists fear to tread) with M1, my distributor (and sister company of my partners, Vintage King). I’ll be playing and talking about my stuff, and there will also be headphone stations where you can try them out for yourself.

The headphone rigs are newfangled Valvulators from Fryette Amplification. These are cool 1-watt tube amps for direct recording, with amp-style controls plus speaker emulations. There will also be a set of my pedals at Fryette’s booth, #4844 in guitar-intensive Hall C.

After writing about other people’s gear for so many years, it’s still difficult for me to wrap my head around the notion that I’m attending the show as a manufacturer, not a “journalist.” But I just completed a key manufacturer’s rite of passage: I order a 24″ x 80″ retractable sign hyping my boxes, just so I can stand in its shadow. It feels so … grown-up.

I’m not officially announcing our 2017 releases ’cause we’re not 100% what they’ll be yet. But I will be bringing a box full of experiments and prototypes, which should be amusing, assuming my sketchy demo builds survive the road trip. I’m also bringing a couple of new DIY guitars that I haven’t shared here yet.

I’m not really up to speed yet on what new gear to expect, so I haven’t yet put together a must-see list. Is there anything you are particularly eager to check out? Anything I should know about? Thanks in advance for your tips!

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  • Oinkus

    It all changes when you become a vendor ! Having worked in the kitchens for tons of events like this I am pretty familiar with how it all works. Always got a kick walking around in my kitchen gear and getting to look at the new cool stuff. Good luck , you are going to need it man!

  • Matt Diehl

    I would check out the new revived Travis Bean designs at the Electrical Guitar Company booth. During a session at Electrical Audio, I played one recently – the [I believe as yet unreleased] “Slab” model – & it was fucking mindblowing. The EGC guitars are also magnifique. Kevin from EGC could actually make a great living just selling his pickups – some of the finest I’ve played. Can you tell I’m a fan?

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