Psych-Out Special: The Kay Effector!

Lookit what Double D found….

Oh man — did you guys see what local hero Double D posted over in the Forum under Onboard Effects: Foolish, or Merely Ill-Advised?

First, he got his hands on a Kay Effector — a psychotronic Korean axe with built-in effects. Then he got it working. Then he recorded a bitchin’ demo. It’s required reading/listening for deviant guitarists.

Read it here:

Part 1
Part 2

These posts, BTW, are just two among many cool articles at Double D’s blog (and I’m not just saying that because he wrote some nice things about me).

Thanks, man, for sharing this unspeakably cool guitar with us. 🙂

6 comments to Psych-Out Special: The Kay Effector!

  • Oinkus

    Yeah it is very different and has some nice sounds in it.Now the next stage is a new experiment to see what else you can add to it ?

  • If nothing was working in there I had a plan to get my buddy Lyle at Boneshaker Pedals to put some stuff in the effects rout, but seeing as this rare bird is flying, I won’t be doing anything to the circuit. It’s plenty weird enough on it’s own, and there’s no rule agains using outboard gear with it’s onboard effects.
    Thanks again to Joe for posting the article; I got two weeks worth of hits in one night! That’ll learn me to post demos with big clams I was too lazy to fix…

  • Good Day! I hope All are enjoying a pleasant one. I can see that this is an old post. In fact, I just bumped into this blog by way of an “kay effector” Search on Google. I just got one of these Effectors from Ebay… listed as a “Project”. I haven’t fired it up yet but I’m not concerned too much. I’ve worked on tons of vintage junk a whole lot more complex than this very Fun looking guitar.

    My instincts say it’ll be a Fun Project and an Hysterical Panic of a Guitar to Play. I’m 100% sure it’l be a head zoinking conversation piece. I believe the only real crafty part will be the control panel, as it has a crack in it, going from the volume control to the output jack. But even then, it’s still intact, somewhat, and I’m pretty sure just putting a thin new backside on the whole piece, or even just along/around the crack, will fix that issue.

    Anyway, I just wanted to know… what’s a “clam”?

    …and for Oinkus, I started thinking like you even before I got the thing. First of all, being a contraption of sorts, I believe a set of ol’ timey chicken head knobs, preferably bakelite would look nice. Since it’s got so many gadgets already, I’m thinking along the lines of, where can I stuff one or few more. A Varitone switch, like B.B. King’s guitar (Lucille) has, which typically uses a chicken head knob already.

    It already has a phase switch, so I thought, what about changing out to 4 wire pickups and splitting the coils… Push/Pull pots… or how ’bout doing a Blend/Balance thing to them?

    I believe a nice fancy tailpiece or tremolo would be cool. Let’s get Nuts and do everything in Gold… in fact, maybe we can squeeze one of those raised pickguards in there, Gold, see thru Acrylic maybe, or some nice natural wood…

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