G&L Tone Circuit

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  • Bob Lee

    Here’s the mods I used for my G&L L2000 bass. I had 3 pot holes and 3 switch holes and I didn’t want to drill. I used passive pickups since I hate batteries.

  • Angel LaHash

    Never seen any one use a Value that Big before 0.22uF (220nF) and a switch to add in another one making 440nF
    most I’ve seen on a Bass is 100nF.

    As for the Circuit, you are using 4 Pots there, so possible of 4xPush/Pull Switch Pots. From that you can have the Pickups on both sides North/South/Series/Parallel, as for adding in Caps on the Tone, could use a 2P2T (on/on/on) Toggle and pick 3 values. (100, 47 and 10nF)

  • Angel LaHash

    Hope the Link to the Circuit works

    2xHum with 4 Push/Pull Switchs plus a 2P2T Toggle (on/on/on)
    2xA500K Push Pull
    1xA500K Dual Push Pull
    1xB250K Push Pul
    220pF, 2n2, 10n, 47n and 100nF Caps

    Sorry if i seem a bit jumping around the subject, Dyslexic and my mind wonders around.

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