We Have a Mutant Winner!

Not a turkey: Dave Wetherby's eye-catching Colorcaster

The contestants were formidable. The competition was fierce. But by the time yesterday’s deadline arrived, one mutant stood triumphant — so triumphant that we are spared the interminable silliness responsibility of a run-off round.

And the winner is Dave Wetherby’s kaleidoscopic Colorcaster. Congrats to Dave, who will receive as a prize a super-freq Uglyface, a fuzz pedal that only a mutant could love. Congrats, Dave! :beer:

Here again are Dave’s original comments from the posting thread

Here is a hand painted beauty. I call it the colorful guitar or I guess you could call it the color-caster. It’s just a cheap old ibanez that I picked up and painted and re-cut the headstock. I put probably 40 hours into it between painting it and finishing it. It does play but I mostly just keep it as an art piece although the times I have used it or have had friends that have played it, it looks incredible under stage lighting and people always freak out when they see it.

Let’s pause to admire Dave’s work and dispense a hearty round of applause!

And the runners-up? Glad you asked! They may not have come in first, but their mutant beauty is second to none. Second place goes to Chevi’s IKEA Butcher Block guitar:

And to think there are some who say Sweden hasn’t produced a great electric guitar since the Hagstrom! Way to go, Chevi!

Mr. Chevi also took third with his Carbon Fiber guitar. He shares the prize with another blocky minimalist, Betram’s Mystery Guitar. Cool stuff, guys!

And looking fine in a three-way tie for fourth were AiXeLsyD13’s Batman guitar and Dewey Decibel Flipout, and El Reclusa’s Ghetto Plate Reverb, an object that inspires in me an odd mix of curiosity and dread.

Thanks to everyone who entered an instrument, voted in comments, voted anonymously via email, or stood on the sidelines aghast at enjoying the proceedings.

Now don’t get too comfortable, folks — another contest is imminent!  :whatever:


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