Loopocalypse Day 10 (of 17): “Pandemonic Waltz”

I always feel a bit guilty playing this one, because it uses the one looping technique I’ve always tried to avoid: simply slathering one part on top of another till you have a damn racket, and then lurching to a halt. But hey.

The guitar is a Lowden 15E, a cool yet bargain-priced 12-string. Not that it sounds anything like a 12-string here. Here’s a more naturalistic demo.

Here’s an explanation of my live looping rig.

1 comment to Loopocalypse Day 10 (of 17): “Pandemonic Waltz”

  • Blake Cooper

    Just a quick note to say that I am absolutely loving your performances. And, happy (belated?) birthday! I’m also a November kid—the 30th for me.

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