Southern California Master Class Featuring Me and Adam Levy

Adam Levy, looking like the 6-stirng zen master that he is.

My friend Adam Levy and I had an incredible time co-leading our first master class/workshop here in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago. Now we’ve just announced another event in Los Angeles for Sunday, August 26th, 2018. Details here. Please join us, SoCal pals!

The students at our San Francisco workshop couldn’t have been cooler. Skill levels varied, but everyone was super enthusiastic and quick to comprehend the topics. Judging by some of their comments, they seem to have dug the experience:

“Wonderful class — so worthwhile. Lots to process and apply!”

“It was so fantastic that I found myself looking at my watch a few times and thinking that it was all going too fast—just like a great jam session! Thank you both a thousand times over for such a lovely and inspiring musical event. I feel like you both gave me inspiration and practice material to last at least the next few years.”

“I had a blast and the workshop totally delivered as promised. Thanks.”

“Really inspiring, and tons to process and work on. Thanks so much, both of you!

“I left feeling really glad that I signed up and got the the opportunity to not only learn from musical guitar legends as yourselves, but also just be able to spend time talking to you and other guitar players. That vibe and energy in itself is really cool. I would definitely sign up for another class like this in the future!”

Plus, I always learn volumes by watching Adam teach. He is so calm and reassuring, with an amazing knack for making difficult goals seem attainable. (Note to self: more laid-back, less “squirrel on meth.”)

This was my first return to face-to-face teaching in many years. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, and yeah, I was nervous. But it was everything I’d hoped it would be and more.

Hope to see you in August. And oh — there’s a discount for students who sign up by the end of July. 🙂

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