NAMM 2013: The Analog Editions Slideshow

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  • Oinkus

    Did a bunch of research on the Evertune when it came out was very interesting(from what I got from actual people that installed a few) it is some work but not an endoftheworld amount.

    • joe

      Well, I can’t say I was surprised that it work so well, because so many people I trust had told me it would. But even so, it was a remarkable experience. Also, I should have mentioned that there’s more to it than the fact that the strings return perfectly to the correct tuning after the strings are slackened. The intonation is phenomenal, even in notoriously difficult-to-intonate parts of the neck, like above the 12th fret on the sixth string.

  • thomas4th

    New Fender prototypes are always fun to see (I love that Mosrite-inspired design, especially for the irony since the Mosrite shape was basically a Strat flipped over), and the Jet City tube replacement gizmos really intrigue me, especially if they offer more tube variants (admittedly, mostly because I think it would be hilarious to load an old Plexi or something with them, get complimented by tube-only snobs for the tone, then open it up to reveal an entirely solid-state amp – but then again, I’m a bit of a contrarian troll like that)

    Thank you for the coverage, Joe. 🙂

  • s.huck

    Kenny Wayne Shepherd put up a close up of that Fender neck with the set in fretboard. He said it’s snappy like maple but warmer tone like rosewood. Seems like an interesting idea. The EverTune bridge is a neat idea, but I change my tuning to much. The slide show is working fine in Chrome BTW.

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