How to Install Pickups

“I always forget — which end gets hot?”

Somewhat embarrassingly, I never got around to changing one of my own pickups until I was knocking on senility’s door recently. I owe part of the inspiration to that fabulous DIY Fest known as the Maker Fair, where each year hundreds of little kids learn to solder craft projects at long picnic tables. Or maybe it was the awesome soldering tutorial by 11-year old W0JAK. Well, after a buttload of pickup installs inspired by this blog, I guess I qualify as some sort of solder “expert,” because Seymour Duncan asked me to make a video designed to walk n00bs through the pickup install process for the first time. It was a lot of fun to prepare, and I learned some important things, like the fact that it’s hard to solder, talk, and operate a camera at the same time. Check it out:

2 comments to How to Install Pickups

  • Jim

    Thanks, Joe. Great video — good for building my confidence. Got some projects that have been languishing due to my less-than-stellar soldering skills — which is more about my attitude than anything else. Time to get on the stick. 

  • I wish I would have seen this before! I just had my pickups swapped by the a GC tech. But, I’ve been itching to tinker more with my guitar and possibly some DIY pedals that you have listed here. Love the site and the projects. Thanks for all you for the community.

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