Behold the Synyster Kitty!

Kitty power!!!

Okay, as promised: One more quick video featuring the Hello Kitty Strat, this time with one of those new Duncan Synyster Gates Invader pickups. I’m told the ceramic-magnet Invader is literally the hottest possible non-active pickup. I’m inclined to believe it.

Take this one with a grain of salt. As much as I love trying to make a pink $99 guitar and a Lunchbox amp sound as heavy as possible, this pickup just might sound a wee bit heavier with a big-ass mahogany guitar and a big-ass tube-dude amp. But still.

FYI, here’s the earlier post I did using a Duncan Phat Cat pickup, plus the same built-in fuzz.

Behold, mortals:


Tech notes: Guitar tuned down to CGCFAD (low to high). Royer R-121 mic (still working after the Lunchbox fell on it).

13 comments to Behold the Synyster Kitty!

  •  Dear me! That little kitty roars like a less-than-gruntled lion! And classic oops! moment…  …glad to hear your mic survived.

  • Oinkus

    That is just nasty , couldn’t have more fun doing almost anything could you ?

  • DohminSemper

    Sounds good man but wouldn’t it be better to do in-the-mix demos the next time? 😉

  • Jim Williamson

    Bad Kitty!
    Hey, I think I have a distant cousin to your blushing feline — the Squier Tom Delonge sig Strat (made in China, hard tail, rosewood fingerboard, too-skinny neck, one volume knob, one “designed by Duncan” Invader clone). It’s been a drop-D fave since I got it for $90 used. 
    And which I shall now call my Hello Tommy guitar.
    Looking forward to the onboard distortion project.

    • joe

      Got a pic, so I can introduce the two beauties to each other? 🙂

      • Jim Williamson

        Kitty, meet Tommy. Oh well, not an exact match. Standard output jack placement on the Tommy. Under the hood: rectangular pickup routing just big enough for the one humbucker and single vol pot. Might be room for a 9v batt and whatever distortion magic you and the Kitty have in store for us. Should be an interesting project.

  • Phil Cody

    Very cool. Joe (as always). But hey, it’s more what you did with it than what you did it with!

  • Oinkus

    Just saw another one of those on  CL yesterday, that was black and $120 bucks > almost in my price range too !

  • JH

    aaaahhhhh! that made me cringe when i saw it falling!  Thats what happens when u get in that zone when playing, all bets r off and anything goes.
    What did u think of the gates PU? I’m contemplating getting a charvel w/ a floyd and of course my head is beyond that and thinking about what kind of pickups to put in it already.

    • joe

      I hear you. I have broken SO much stuff over the years because I am such a clumsy oaf get so lost in playing.

      The Synyster pickup is basically a classic Invader with new cosmetics, and obviously, a LOT of great heavy players have made it their tool of choice. It’s incredibly hot and loud for a passive pickup — it really slams the front end of your amp! I generally tend to gravitate toward vintage-output pickups, but I’m going to keep that Invader around, because it’s a great way to get the high-gain, high-octane sound without actually going active. I’d say it’s a great choice if you’ll mostly be playing crunchy-chunky stuff. 

  • bee bee bling

    Kitty is good for sawing out a travel guitar that hides inside.

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