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  • adrie laamers laamers

    Play on a Burns Marvin.
    What is the correct adjustment of the Rez-O-Matik pickups
    Sizes please in mm
    adrie laamers

    • joe

      You refer to the height relative to the strings, yes? You can find a lot of information online about recommended pickup height, but I usually ignore that information and just use my ears. Here’s one super-simple method: Try setting the treble side of the bridge pickup so that when you press the high E string at the 12th fret, the sting ALMOST touches the pickup — only a few millimeters of distance. Then lower the bass side until the you like the balance between the low and high strings. (The bass side will probably be substantially further from the string.) Then proceed to the next pickup, and set the treble side so that you like the balance between the treble sound of the bridge pickup and the other pickup. (Some people like a louder bridge pickup, though I prefer equal level.) These are not high-powered pickups by modern standards, so you’ll probably want the bridge trebles closer to the strings. But don’t be surprised if the best position for the neck pickup is much lower than for the bridge. I hope that helps!

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