The Pagey Project Resource Page

100% authentic and unretouched historic photo. Hehe.

How to get dozens — if not hundreds — of tones from two humbuckers.

Back during Led Zeppelin’s heyday, Jimmy Page conceived a custom wiring scheme that conjured an incredible number of tones from a two-pickup Les Paul.

The Pagey Project literally starts where Jimmy left off. Phase One recreates his original wiring scheme using four push/pull pots. Phase Two takes it to greater extremes using push/pulls, Seymour Duncan Triple Shot Mounting Rings, and an onboard version of the germanium boost circuit we built in Tonefiend DIY Club.

The links below show you how to build either version — or pick and choose only the details you want for a custom creation. posts:

  1. Pagey Project: Announcement
  2. Pagey Project: Prelude
  3. Pagey Proejct: Phase 1
  4. Pagey Project, Phase 2
  5. Pagey Project: Postscript


  1. Phase 1 Demo
  2. Phase 2 Demo
  3. Postscript Demo

wiring diagrams:

  1. Original Jimmy Page Wiring, Version 1
  2. Original Jimmy Page Wiring, Version 2
  3. Triple Shot Version
  4. Germanium Booster Project from Tonefiend DIY Club

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