Will You Be My Friend?


This guitar blog has been around since 2011. The site remains active, and I reply to almost all comments. But I’ve posted here less frequently as my focus has shifted from text to video.

Please visit my YouTube channel. And if you find anything worth your time, please subscribe. There too I reply to most comments. And you can always contact me via my personal page, joegore.com.

Don’t be a stranger — keep in touch! 🙂

12 comments to Will You Be My Friend?

  • rick

    Hi, salute and congratulations from Argentina and ..Joe keep on rockin ……

  • Thanks for the information i will have a watch on your videos on youtube.

  • U have good tones. Honestly i enjoyed listening to them

  • Gee

    I’m curious if anyone knows or can identify a very odd wah wah I saw in a local shop when I was 18 it was super aged and vintage but I was buying a guitar at the time and this thing stood out to me like a mad scientists on crack made by bozo the clown at the circus kind of babe this was some odd wah fuzz of some sort ,
    It was a long pedal wah wah with yellow and orange stripes it seemed to have a very obvious air vent like the same metwrial they use for Accordions, to pump air in and out but it was on a wah it had some big old awesome knobs on it and was 1200 bux i believe it was in terrifble condition idk if it even worked to be honest it was in a glass case at the Santa Barbara ,Ca instrumental music shop 13 years later I’m still trying to find something similar to what the hell this circus wah wah was any one have any clue?
    It seemed to old to be a talk box it must have been early 1960s maybe late 50s had that vibe I’ve always been looking oto find some info on it , any help?

  • Ismael Belda Sanchis

    Dear Joe Gore, I’m a big fan of yours (I first became aware of you watching PJ Harvey on TV when I was a teenager: you were strumming a white Strat in the neck, and I thought that was the coolest thing ever, honestly). I love your youtube videos. They’ve been a great inspiration for me and I loooove the way you play. I play fingerstyle and put flatwound strings on my guitar, and that’s mostly Lenny Breau’s, and Ry Cooder’s, and Ted Greene’s fault, but you’re in there too. I have a small technical question for you: I have a Strat and years ago I became tired of the stock pups and have been testing several much more exciting options. The last combination (bridge: Lollar Imperial; middle: SD Lipstick for Strat; neck: Lollar Gold Foil; with a general tone and volume, and a pot blender) is just amazing, especially the Imperial and the Gold Foil (and the two combined, with the pot blender on 5 from the bridge pickup… delicious!!!). So I’m very happy, but I have kept the 250k pots and I guess the Imperial sounds a tiny bit dull. Not that it bothers me, it has plenty of bite as it is and I play mostly weird-jazz stuff and dark-pseudo-folk-drone weirdness on clean or cleanish tones, so I don’t really miss anything…. But lately I’ve been wondering if maybe I’m losing a whole universe of resonance and tonality, especially on the Imperial. Would you strongly recommend me 500k, or even 1meg pots? And even if that’d make the humbucker sound much better, wouldn’t it make the gold foil sound too bright? Also, I’m thinking on putting a Lollar Firebird in the middle position, would that be a waste of pickup? (I have to save money for a long time in order to buy those Lollar things, but they sound good). Yeah, that was not just one question… Anyway, thank you very much for your attention, and please never stop making videos. All best from Oliva, Spain. Ismael.

    • joe

      Hi Ismael! Thanks for you note, and my apologies for not answering sooner. My excuse? I forgot. 🙁
      be starts
      Wow, that sounds like a super-cool guitar. I’ve never owned an instrument with Imperials, but I know they’re great pickups. I was just poking around on the Lollar site, and I noticed he makes a low-output, low-wind version. I’d love to try those out.

      Regarding your question: Yes, totally! If you have the parts and the time, may start with 1Ms and then back down to 500k if the results are too bright? Last year I put together a guitar with Lollar Regals, his version of the Wide-Range humbuckers in old Tele Deluxes. Jason told me to use 1Ms, so I did.

      Let me know what happens — I’m super curious!

      P.S.: Tu inglés es increíble! Viviste en los EU? Mientras tanto, mi español es el peor del mundo. 🙁

  • El reclusa

    Hey Joe.

    That’s it- just saying hello. Hope all is well.

    • Joe Gore

      Hey great to hear from you! Things are generally excellent, aside from, you know, all the bad shit happening in the world. Hope you’re well too! 🙂

  • I’ve been lurking. I’ve been feeling guilty. Now not so much. I read your article about baritones. Now I know who started me down this road to ruin… Going out West… it was you Joe, it was you.

    Got a suggestion for a course of pedagogy to similar destiny.

    Baritone flatwounds, wound g? B. 62?

    Hugs, Gracias,


  • Sprinkleryak

    mostly in monasteries.

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