A Question for YOU, Dear Readers . . .

UPDATE, Friday, September 23th: Attend the first Tonefiend DIY Club meeting here.


Can if Β I make like a zombie and eat pick your collective brain?

One of my key goals for this blog is to promote do-it-yourself experimentation. It’s a topic I approach with the passion of a recent convert, largely due to the influence of the Maker Faire, Β the unspeakably cool DIY event that has sparked a worldwide movement.Β (WitnessΒ this video I shot at a 2011 Maker Faire, in which hundreds of little kids learn to solder.)

My question: Would anyone be interested in joining a guitar electronics “makers club” suitable for absolute beginners? I’m sure that many of you already have more workbench skills than I will acquire in several lifetimes, but I have a hunch there are at least as many who are curious about making and modding, but just haven’t taken the leap of faith. Am I right?

I imagine an electronic equivalent of a book club. We’d choose a collective project, something easy, but genuinely cool and useful. I’d provide a list of necessary parts and tools, including places to buy them online. I’d post step-by-step instructions, and then we could all commiserate when our homes burn down things don’t work out perfectly the first time. The materials cost per project would probably hover in the $20-$30 dollar range, and you’d need a few basic tools (about $50 worth, if you’re starting from scratch). Again, I’ll provide details and recommendations. Possible topics include pickup changing, volume and tone control mods, buffers and boosters/preamps, freaky fuzz circuits, onboard guitar electronics, and the best ointments for soldering burns more.

Your thoughts? I’m sort of thinking out loud here, so don’t be shy about jumping in with suggestions. Thanks!

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