Premier Guitar’s Winter NAMM Report on Gore Pedals

Lookit! My pals and colleagues at Premier Guitar just posted a video demo of my pedals shot at NAMM last month.

It was a trip being on the business end of that gear-review microphone! Shooting this clip was surprisingly nerve-racking. You have to make the gear sound good … try not to play too terribly … speak coherently … and not come off as a dick. It’s a tall order, at least for me.

Thanks to the gang at Voodoo Lab for letting me shoot this in their booth. (Which they did because they’re just plain cool.) Thanks also to Shabat Guitars for letting me borrow this pretty guitar, and to Fryette for letting me plug it into one of their spectacular Aether combo amps. Man, am I a freeloader, or what?

If you’d like to learn more about Gore Pedals, please visit my Gore Pedals page for studio-quality recordings with multiple guitars, more pedal settings, and lots of geeky tech info.

22 comments to Premier Guitar’s Winter NAMM Report on Gore Pedals

  • Julian

    It’s a tad disorienting to hear you talking so much (or, well, at all) during a demo! But the pedals sound great – I really like how well thought out the functionality is.

    Do you think you’ll eventually look at getting distributors in other countries (hint: Australia!), or would everything go through Vintage King?

    • joe

      Yeah β€” with the silent videos, people have no idea what a Type A blabbermouth I am. Yes, my pedals will be distributed in the EU eventually. In the meantime, my partners, Vintage King, ship worldwide. I’m glad you liked some of the sounds, Julian!

  • You know when you hear someone on the radio every day and, when you actually see them, they look nothing like you expected? πŸ˜‰
    Tweeted out this post as all must come to appreciate the splendour of the distortyfuzz. Too many of The Youth are spoiled by smooth, lounge-lizard-type drives with no character or depth. They need a man in a black hat with a pillowcase full of stomp boxes to show them the way. Testify!

    • joe

      Yes! And they always look AWFUL. I have a face for radio and a voice for silent movies.

      Thanks, though, for your kind β€” and FUNNY β€”Β words, Gerry. Listen up, you goddamned kids! πŸ˜‰

  • Oinkus

    Very cool stuff Joe ! It is weird to hear you talk in a vid for sure. Good luck with the rollout.

  • Shizmab Abaye

    Poor Boring!

  • smgear

    whoa… speaking AND playing p90’s. i’m going to need some time to process it all. Great job though. I’m really looking forward to the Gross because A. it’s awesome and B. it’s not something I want to try to build myself. πŸ™‚

  • Joe – nothing to do with pedals – The Pagey Project, those lovely people at Seymour Duncan seem to have axed their Page wiring pages and your links to the wiring diagrams no longer work.

    • smgear

      Terry, I’m sure Joe has the originals, but in the meantime, if you look at those links and just search for the file names (eg: jp_style.pdf) you’ll find that other people have posted them elsewhere. I just searched for the first one, but here is a download link:

    • joe

      Yes, I saw that, Terry! WTF? I have no idea what Duncan is thinking, crippling one of the best online electronic resources for guitarists. I have no idea whether they’re deliberately hiding the more obscure options, or whether the new wiring browser is broken or incomplete. (I suppose someone could call and ask.) Sheesh.

      But here’s the wiring resource I’ll be using till Duncan gets it together:

      But I don’t see the Page wiring on that site. I searched till I found the original Duncan diagrams for both the Pagey wiring and “Pagey Plus” wiring with Duncan Triple Shots, uploaded the images to this site, and I’m embedding them in the articles in the next hour or so.

      In the meantime, here’s a direct link:

      Hope that helps!

  • el reclusa

    Damn. I want at least one of each!

  • ant Sor

    Cool to hear your voice…as others have said already.
    Don’t you sing too ? I would like to hear that !
    I read you about the one Germanium transistor circuit based on (treble booster! who whant more treble nowadays ?) 60′ Range Master. That inspired me to buy a HBE Germania that use the same recipe. At first i was disappointed, but it’s a thing you have to acclimatize with. It’s very touch sensitive since there is no compression at all and even some dynamic expansion. After a while i adapted my playing and really enjoy it. The amplifier gives some compression and the pedal makes the sound to “bloom” ( Yes, the inept ‘bloom’ word, a favorite of guitar magazines…but i can’t say better.).
    I would like to try and buy one of yours. Do you plan to have them sold in brick and mortar shops, and in Europe (a little demanding..)?
    Anyway i thank you again to share with us your ideas an knowledge.

  • Joe, when is available the Filth Fuzz???

  • Richard

    Joe, thanks for changing my life with the tonefiend projects. You opened my eyes to a whole world of glorious homemade sounds. And hey, the first time I used my tricked out homemade Joe Gore-inspired Electra-distortion pedal in my signal chain was the first time someone commented positively on my bass tone.
    I’ll save my clams and buy one of your units soon!
    Thanks again!

    • joe

      Wow, Richard β€” that’s about the nicest thing you can say. I felt the same way about the sources that helped me get into building β€” especially the site. It really is gratifying to hear you’ve helped inspire someone else’s creativity. Thanks for telling me. πŸ™‚

  • Joel

    Your voice was Vin Diesel in my head. I guess I’m relieved!

    Really wanting to try the Cult.

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