Guitars That Yell Like Goats That Yell Like Humans

This is the sound you've been searching for!

This is the sound you’ve been searching for!

If you like reading about internet memes that have just passed their sell-by date, tonefiend is the place to be!

Witness this brief video on triggering goat sound via guitar, created in a fit of desperation when a planned DIY post was delayed divine inspiration.

It’s based, of course, on the unbelievably popular video of unbelievably weird goats making unbelievably human-like sounds. It’s inspired countless spinoffs, including mine. I made these in my hotel room in Frankfurt during Musikmesse, feeling grateful the entire time that I live in an era when you can do crap like this in a German hotel room at midnight. Because trust me, there weren’t a lot of alternatives.

Tech details: homemade Strat, Fishman TriplePlay, Apple MainStage software hosting NI’s Kontakt sampler, goats.

Do you too wish you had guitars that yell like goats that yell like humans? Grab the raw samples here, or download this Kontakt Instrument, which should play just fine using using the free Kontakt Player.

And yes — that new 100% retro-analog DIY project will be here SOON! 🙂

24 comments to Guitars That Yell Like Goats That Yell Like Humans

  • Mark Altekruse

    You are a sick man and a kindred spirit. :cuckoo:

  • Inductor



  • Just what I needed after a somewhat trying gig. Thank you. And yes, I am going to hell.

  • Oinkus

    It is just so wrong! Being in the group of shut ins that refuses to “like” anything , much less watch a meme in the first place I had still seen bits of the goats. You might want to have that looked at by a Doctor ?By any stretch of my awful sense of humor that is hilarious,reggae and goat screams just go together like apple and pie!

  • j

    Man, when was your last vacation ?

    • joe

      Hey man — the goats aren’t about, like, ego, man, or that other illusionary bullshit, man. The goats are out there in the universe, man. They belong to everybody. I just happen to be the musician who was lucky enough to channel them this time, man. Maybe next time it will be you!

  • Laertes

    No goats (or guitars?) were harmed making this video.

    Thanks Joe for giving me some good laughs after a hard day of work. And now I understand why my scales suck, I use the totally boring way of practice!

  • smgear

    I never thought you were the type to aspire to top 40 until you put this gem together….. The labels are gonna be all over ya.

  • Billy g gruff

    Is that a goat-tar?

    No seriously, I can see this idea spinning out of control into a Noah’s ark meets bobby mcferrin’s wild kingdom concept album. Horse shoes clomping, whale song, lion roars, elephant trumpets via an Adrian Belew guest appearance. Fans of the Meowy cats record from days long past look out!

  • mwseniff

    Great post Joe and the goat sounds are way better than the farts you originally were using for samples. 🙂 Somebody needs to write a goat piano app for iOs to go along with the dog and cat piano apps that I already have on my iPads. Goats are lovely creatures they used to find every hole in every fence to escape and would climb on anything that was motionless for 5 seconds or more when we used to have a few at the farm.
    BTW make sure you avoid the billies (males) as they are the worst smelling things you ever smelled particularly at night I kid you not!!

  • Frank

    Holy… sh#t I LMAO….watching the capraphonic rendition of humans and vice a versa…. I thought Joe’s lost it.. Anyhow thanks for putting a smile in my day Joe!

  • mwseniff

    To fess up here. I bought a kiddy keyboard with animal sound samples that play when you push the appropriately shaped key. There are also little preprogrammed children’s songs made entirely of the same animal sample (tho’ I think they are actually humans making animal sounds that were sampled) and it has a stop button! It is very cheesy but the DUCK sound has become very popular in our sessions of The Dits. This keyboard is so weird I haven’t even considered circuit bending it as that would be messing with weird perfection. The DUCK sound does sort of add a bit of odd continuity sort of like a signature riff. Still working on it’s original factory batteries after 13 years which is pretty amazing IMHO. I got it cheap at a dollar store 13 years ago.

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