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Season's Greeting from Mental 99

UPDATE: Here’s a direct link via SoundCloud. The file is downloadable for free. Sheesh — never occurred to me that folks might, like, actually download it and overwhelm my feeble little DropBox account!

While most people are baking cookies or lining up at the grocery store for 45 minutes to buy those frickin’ chives they forgot the other day, Dawn Richardson and I just put the finishing touches on Mental 99’s chaotic cover version of the Doors’ “Hello, I Love You.” (Mental 99 is our digital guitar/analog drums duo band.)

Have a free copy on us! Grab it here. (Download available.)

Why? Because we love you, man!

Seasons best from Mental 99!

(Nerd details: all guitar tracks played on my James Trussart Steelcaster though Apple’s MainStage software. Drums tracked at Fantasy Studio A, Berkeley, California, by Jason Carmer and Alberto Hernandez.)

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  • NickL

    Thanks Joe and Dawn! Merry Christmas.

    (Link’s broken ATM)

  • Drew

    Will be watching for the repair or more instructions (if I’m going it incorrectly) – and in the meantime, thanks Dawn and Joe!!! And Happy Holidays!

  • Litos

    Thanks a ton, Joe & Dawn! I also get a dropbox 404 message, but I’ll check it later. Enjoy the holidays!

  • joe

    D’oh! The link’s working now. :poop:

  • jeremy

    One of the genuine highlights of my 2012 was finding your forums, Joe, so here’s wishing you and yours a fantastic Christmas and hope your 2013 is a great one. Thanks!

  • mwseniff

    Sounds great. Thanx for the high bit rate something not all bands seem to get. A nice mix of tones that really set a mood.Always dug The Doors Robbie Krieger was an early fingers only guitar player due to his early training.

  • mwseniff

    I am still clipping chives in my back yard after moving the little bit of snow on them. I still got 4 plants worth of Brussels sprouts to pick and eat. Brussels sprouts love the cold I picked my last ones in March last year the cold makes them sweeter, they are killer sauteed or cooked on the grill not frozen and then boiled to death . But the snow finally killed my cilantro and parsley a few days ago (I think). Happy holidays

  • NickL

    Sounds great Joe. Could you post screenshot of your patches in Main Stage?

    • joe

      I can post the actual PATCHES if you like. Which I was going to do, except they include not just Apple’s MainStage plug-ins, but third-party plug-ins too (lots of Reaktor, as usual, plus some SoundToys stuff).

      Anyway, they’ll open in MainStage, but if you don’t have Reaktor or the SoundToys bundle (and you SHOULD, ’cause they’re awesome!), those plug-in slots will just come up grayed-out.

      Here they are. Unzip and put them here: Library/Application Support/Logic/MainStage Patches.

  • Peter

    Sounds grand. Guitars performed via looping?

    And a new Mental99 CD on the way?

    • joe

      Thanks, Peter!

      Yep, a ne w CD is in the works. We’re trying a different method this time. We tracked everything live in the studio with live looping, just like when we perform live. But I’ve been fleshing them out with overdubs, just to try something different (as opposed to the first album, which had no overdubs at all). The weird thing is, the songs seem to work best when I play parts that are very close to what I perform live with the looper. So while there is no live looping on this track, it sounds an awful lot like it does when we perform it. If that makes sense (and I’m not sure it does). 🙂

  • Digital Larry

    Cool daddy-oh! I have a long history with this song. Grew up listening to the Doors and Waiting for the Sun was the first one we owned. Later in college, the barely-able-to-identify-our-instruments band I played with for a couple years did this tune. We had a guest vocalist named Jim who looked the part of “the Bard” in his bearded phase and pulled off a convincing vocal replica. Our regular front man disdained the Doors and we were left with a hearty “HELLLOOOOO!” as our mutual greeting, even to this day. When the guest vocalist wasn’t available, our front man would fall on the stage (er… sidewalk) and writhe around screaming “HEEELLLLLLLOOOOO!!!!!”.

    We didn’t have anyone who played slide so we took the break before the whole step modulation by doing unsynchronized glissandi which always sounded ridiculous.

    In 1999 my wife and I traveled to England on our honeymoon and while in Bath, I stepped into a music store where I spied the book “The Doors’ Greatest Hits arranged for Tenor Saxophone”. This riff would sound pretty bitchen on a baritone!

    Joe it sounds like aliens came down and stole your slide. I hope you are OK.

    Happy holidays to all and “HEELLLLLOOOOOO!!!!!!”.

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