Practice Without an Instrument [VIDEO]

For players who have a little bit too much of a life: five fretting-hand exercises you can practice when you’re away from your guitar or bass. Make sure to run through them in public places so bystanders can alert the mental health authorities admire your prowess.

7 comments to Practice Without an Instrument [VIDEO]

  • Aceman

    This is one of those things i actually know about!!!! (I have a Ph.D. in Skill Acquisition or something like that)

    You can absolutely benefit from practicing in that manner, as well using imagery, even without moving. Well, maybe not those exercises, but things like them.

  • Robert

    I do those all the time in class! My names for the movements were less creative, however.

  • Aceman

    Here is the thing – most experts in a any field (Chess, Golf, Math, Martial Arts, whatever) including music – can’t possibly actually physically practice as much as they seem to need to to get as good as they are.

    When we look really closely at how they practice, they make extensive use of imagery, for example. A gymnast might be running over the routine in their head on the way to and from the gym. That adds an extra half hour or so of practice a day.

    As a Martial Artist, for example, i do all kinds of funny little steps in the kitchen that are actually close combat footwork.

    If the goal is to simply strengthen the fingers and independent finger movement – those will work fine. Sort of like a baseball player lifting weights. Not directly affecting the performance, but it contributes.

    Fingering scales like that or chord shapes would help to. It’s not perfect – but if you have some amount of skill it certainly can contribute and make iy seem like you practice more than you do.

    • erik

      “…how they practice, they make extensive use of imagery…”
      That’s the key! Imaginary practice, followed by imaginary performance and world dominance. I practice it a lot. :cuckoo:

  • Tyrone

    Soon I’m getting a bass and I want to do as much as I can to get ready for when I play it , any techniques or exercises that could help me ? 

  • Belle Enger

    Right said Erik ! Imaginary practice, imaginary performance and you have the world at feet (in your mind) ! :pill:

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