ReAmps: Cooler and CHEAPER Than Ever!

The latest version of the ReAmp, the Radial PRO RMP Studio Re-Amper, lists for a recession-friendly US$115, which means you can probably snag one for under a C-note.

Teisco amp not included. Pity.

The device, created by engineer John Cuniberti (best known as Joe Satriani’s studio wiz), is a recording direct box in reverse: It lets you play recorded tracks through guitar stompboxes and amps by stepping the signal down from line level to instrument level. Applications include:

    • recording guitars direct or through amp simulators, and then choosing the perfect analog amp sound after other crucial tracks are in place
    • running non-guitar tracks through guitar effects and amps
    • making objective comparisons between amps, effects, and DIY project options by running identical signals through multiple pieces of gear.

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ve heard a lot of ReAmp. I recommend them to all studio provocateurs — especially now that the price is right!

7 comments to ReAmps: Cooler and CHEAPER Than Ever!

  • Coley Caldwell

    I bought this last summer. It’s one of the best investments I ever made for recording!

  • Bear

    “ReAmp” is a trademarked term of John’s original commercial product. Most similar devices use the hyphen, which apparently is less problematic.

    Radial gear is pretty awesome all around, from affordable and functional to multi-function Swiss-Army type stuff. Little Labs likewise has a great range of studio pronlem solvers that are worth consideration. And for the DIY-er, Jensen Transformers has schematics up for building your own passive re-amper box, as might other transformer makers.

    (Some DIY-inclined folk will find lots of guitar-oriented projects to like at the Jensen site, not all of which are just for the studio.)

    • Derick

      I was looking at those schematics (at Jensen) and couldn’t find a parts list. It was a little confusing. It would be cool to have maybe a mini-project here in the DIY club…

      • joe

        The same thing happened to me, Derick! I thought I was just being dim-witted.

        I agree that it would make a cool project, but I was more interested in it when ReAmps cost $200+. Now that the street price is under $100, I’m wondering if there would be as much interest in making a DIY workalike. Any other opinions?

        • Derick

          I could build it for cost of parts if I had a schematic I could follow. I have an old DI box that would be perfect for the project… It couldn’t cost more than what? $10? Plus, how cool would that be. Also, I saw a schematic based on the Jensen one that was two sided (again, I couldn’t follow the schematic or find a parts list). It took your guitar signal, DI’d it into a long mic cable then reversed it back to guitar for running from board to amp at back of stage… these types of things would be cool to do… And really, DIY isn’t just about being cheaper than the factory made stuff, it’s also about being able to say, “See that mess? I MADE that!”

          • joe

            True — but DIY is also about personalizing stuff to your taste, and often making things that are better than anything on the market. 🙂

  • El reclusa

    I’m still a bit behind on the diy club projects, but I’d LOVE a project involving reamping…

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