Grüße aus Musikmesse

It's wet. Will it be wild?

It’s wet. Will it be wild?

Howdy from Frankfurt, where I arrived this afternoon to attend Musikmesse. United Airlines was its usual scuzzy self, though a nice flight attendant found a place for me to stow my guitar. And my pedalboard seems to have arrived in fine shape, even though I had to checked it in its soft but reassuringly padded Mono case.

I’m here as a demo artist for Fishman’s TriplePlay, but I should have some downtime to poke around and look for cool stuff. I’ll keep you posted!

This event is gigantic — more than twice the size of NAMM. And even on a setup day like today, you can tell how loud it’s going to be, especially since they don’t enforce volume restrictions is stringently as they do in Anaheim. (I’m told it’s like Saturday afternoon at Guitar Center, squared.) And my demo area just opposite the big, loud Gibson stage. It’ll be an adventure! 🙂

Any of you guys ever been? Got any advice to share?

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  • Oinkus

    Barely ever stepped outside the USA but I have observed from that show afar past few years.Flying sucks no matter what airline. You should be in for a great time! Ton of new gear will be on display and some of it will actually be worth taking a peek.Stay safe and have fun,enjoy the show.Ear protection is a must always!(For those stuck in the 20th century) :stupid:

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