Name That Gear!

Name That Gear!

I just started a Tonefiend Instagram feed, ’cause I know there’s not enough junk in your inbox. If you’re an Instagram user, feel free to follow. (Or just friend me on Facebook, where all the Instagram images also appear. I’m not picky—I’ll friend anyone, at least till they start posting links to $19 Prada handbag knockoffs.)

Often I don’t post here at till I’ve cobbled together a relatively substantial item, which means the site can fester for weeks without an update. But for better or worse, I plan to post a steady stream of square cell phone pics compelling images and trivial pithy thoughts on Instagram/FB/Twitter.

On Instagram, I’m starting out with two weekly posts. Both are pretty silly, but each has inspired some surprisingly cool conversations. The first series is “Name That Gear,” which is simply a close-up shot of some music gizmo, but with some telling detail that reveals its identity. Not much too it, but it can be fun.

Page vs. Wagner: Who'd Win in a Fight?

Page vs. Wagner: Who’d Win in a Fight?

The other recurring item is “Who’d Win in a Fight?” These are deliberately absurdist:  The first post matched Jimmy “Hammer of the Gods” Page against Richard “Twilight of the Gods” Wagner. But amazingly, it inspired a long, fascinating, and drop-dead funny Facebook conversation. (Thanks for my wife for suggesting both ideas.)

Naturally, I’ll also be using those feeds to shamelessly flog my music and gear. I’m going to be showing the first five Joe Gore Pedals stompboxes at the LA Amp Show in Van Nuys, California on October 3rd and 4th—just a couple of weeks from now! The product announcements aren’t quite ready yet, but trust me—I bombarding you with them very soon. 🙂

2 comments to Instagramarama!

  • smgear

    aren’t you trendy… I’ve avoided instagram thus far because a. I’m uninteresting and b. nearly everyone else is less interesting… but I’ll give it a try. I’ll post some of this summer’s gear builds.. in an attempt to look interesting. 🙂

  • Oinkus

    Social media is not my thing , but I would do things to people for your Trini Lopez in the pic ! Good luck on the new gear showing , one of these days I will buy something it just takes me a year or so to save money for anything.

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