The Dog Ate My NAMM Report

NAMM is loud.

NAMM is loud.

My idea was to scour NAMM’s five massive exhibition halls in a fast, efficient fashion, and then retire to a nearby cafe to pen witty yet informative summaries, which I’d post effortlessly via my cunning little i-devices.

Instead I’ve been running around like a chicken with its head cut off and meth poured down its neck hole.

So much for the twice-daily updates I’d envisioned. But I am seeing lots of interesting stuff. Even the boring stuff is kind of interesting, because it says a lot about the current state of music, musicians, and musical instruments.

I know some of you have attended NAMM shows. If it’s been a few years, the main thing that’s changed is that instead of being bombarded by horrid shred licks, now it’s crappy little blues licks. But I’ve been lucky to hang out with some awesome folks, including Tom Wheeler, Jas Obrecht, and Tom Mulhern, the guys who hired and mentored me at Guitar Player sometime last century, and who are now conspiring to create Pure Guitar.

But I promise to post some approximation of a NAMM report. As soon as the dog spits it up.

P.S.: Don’t forget, folks! It’s the 30th anniversary of male genitalia MIDI!


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