Nice, Pretty Acoustic Guitar

Nicely mutated and pretty f’ed up, that is.

Ordinarily, these Thomastik-Infeld Classic S strings sound more like nylon strings than steel ones.

But their cores ARE steel — which means you can play through a magnetic pickup and mutilate the tone with amps and effects. I’m playing through effects designed for Apple’s MainStage software. (Some of them are in Logic Pro’s included sound library.)

2 comments to Nice, Pretty Acoustic Guitar

  • Hi Joe,

    I am a big fan. Thank you for doing all the guitar experiments you do.
    I have two things to say. First, I am a strat guy and I don’t like the strat middle pickup. How do you get a middle strat pickup to sound good?
    Are there are ANY middle pickups that sound good? Like maybe a lipstick pickup in the middle?
    Secondly, my favorite guitar sounds are Malcom young’s filtertron in the bridge position, and SRV’s Strat neck pickup sound. Could you make one guitar to have both those sounds????

    Thank you for your time.
    Jim Dye

    • joe

      I sometimes hear what you mean, and I have a hunch it’s not really about the pickup so much as the flatness of character compared to the other two pickups, which probably his more to do with the placement of the pickup itself.

      But Hh man, have I got a solution for you! Try the “Nashville Strat” mod:

      It’s a cheaper solution: All you need to buy is a 3-way Tele pickup selector. You sacrifice the pickup you don’t like (so what?) but you gain the glorious sound of neck and bridge together, a combination you can’t get on with regular wiring. Plus, if you add a blend pot, you can get lots of nice variations on the 2 and 4 positions.

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