And Now, a REAL Demo Artist

Thanks, Pete Thorn, for making my pedal sound so good.

8 comments to And Now, a REAL Demo Artist

  • Oinkus

    Nice demo , great sounds in that box. On my list of things to buy with the rest of your pedals Joe.I am busy mutilating an Ibeenhad 5 string bass currently sucking every dollar out of me and some I don’t currently have.

  • Oinkus

    Dang that is harsh , you have some kind of 5th string related accident or something?

  • Rob

    Man, Pete and Joe converging on tone. Gotta say, Pete really does it justice. That pedal has a lot of horsepower.

  • Mixolyd

    Superb, such fat and characterful tones. Most fuzzes bore me to death but this sounds like creativity in a box.

    It’s very worthwhile seeing Pete use the pedal as he’s much more conventional than Joe, not least cos he plays with a pick. Ok Pete is ridiculously good at making things sound amazing but on the solo’ d tracks you can make out what the pedal would sound like in the hands of a mere mortal.

    • joe

      Glad you like the pedal! Don’t underestimate Pete, though — he’s more superhuman that you might suspect, especially his ability to nail it EVERY FRICKIN’ TIME as a touring player. But he does play with a pick and roundwound strings, so he’s probably a better tone reference for most players, as opposed to me with my bare fingers and $25 Austrian flatwounds. 🙂

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