Logic X is Here!



Apple released the long-awaited Logic X a few minutes ago. And it’s dripping with cool new guitar and bass stuff: a fabulous bass amp modeler. Lots of new virtual stompboxes. Vast new libraries of guitar tones, and newer, smarter ways of accessing them. More product info here.

FYI, I’m the furthest thing from an unbiased source: Apple is one of my clients, and I was a major indie developer for this product. But hey — the guitar features here are seriously bitchin’.

More details and examples in the coming days!

7 comments to Logic X is Here!

  • jeremy

    but is the virtual overdrive closer to a Klon or a Tubescreamer? 🙂

  • bear

    CDM’s write-up mentioned a Mainstage update along with this. Any insight into M3, Joe, given your heavy M2 use and your work with Apple? Have you tried to see how far you could go with the looping function in the box? I wouldn’t expect it to replace the Boomerang and Sidecar, but I would guess you would be the first to know what’s up here.

    • joe

      LOL — I’ve been downloading Logic/MainStage all day and believe me, I’ll have much to report soon!

      But regarding the looper: My personal experience has been that MainStage’s software looper isn’t stable enough for live use when running processor-intensive sessions (and my sessions always seem to push the CPU past the limit). But if I weren’t playing live, the software looper might work. Also, I need to put the new version through its paces and see if the various optimizations yield better results.

      Lots more info soon! 🙂

      • smgear

        that reminds me of a lingering question/suggestion for looping. Do any of the software or box versions of loopers allow you to trigger or automate effects to independent loop layers. For example, if you lay down one of the fundamental loops, you can assign it to an effect and an incremental function such that it will get gradually fuzzier over time or whatever.

        • joe

          Nope, the Boomerang certainly doesn’t do that. Does anyone know if you can do that with the digital Oberheim/Echoplex?

          In my system, I’m constantly switching between patches in MainStage, and you can set the mix routings independently for every patch, so I can add whatever effects I like to every single sound. That means I record all sounds into the looper with their effects. It’s an add workflow — a bit like setting up your mix on the board before you record any parts.

          • smgear

            that makes sense. I don’t know the mainstage terminology, but for what I’m thinking to work, you’d have to configure beforehand a ‘bank’ behavior for each layer. It would be nice if it was more dynamic though. It would be cool if you could do some morphing as you progress though the tune. I recognize that would require exponentially more processing though. Oh well, something else to think about…)

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