Tonefiend DIY Club: Projects & Resources

Here’s the current archive for all Tonefiend DIY Club projects, plus some helpful resources and links. Getting Started

Project #1: Bad-Ass Distortion

Project #2: Bulk Fuzz

Project #3: Booster + Buffer

Project #4: The Fiendmaster (a Dallas Rangemaster spinoff)

Project #5: The Super-Fiend Fuzz Face (a vintage-style Fuzz Face project created by Mitchell “Super-Freq” Hudson)

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Recommended DIY Guitar Sites

Recommended Parts Suppliers (good prices and service for general parts, but may not carry specialized stuff):

Recommended Parts Suppliers (stompbox specialists):

Recommended Parts Suppliers (guitar and bass specialists):

Complete Stompbox Kits:

Stompbox PCBs (bring your own parts)

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