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I haven’t been able to post much here at recently because I’ve been overwhelmed by two big-ass projects that have occupied most waking hours, plus some sleeping hours as well. (I’ll share the details as soon as I’m allowed.)

Yet somehow, I’ve found time to post various things to Facebook. I know some of you are already pals with me there. But please — anyone with the patience for my pontification, send me a Facebook friend invite. (I’m not picky. I’ll be friends with anyone who doesn’t post spam, or racist/sexist/homophobic shit.)

If you’re not an FB type, believe me, I get it! I’ve got issues with the service myself, even if Mark Zuckerberg lives in my San Francisco neighborhood (in a much larger house, though I bet he doesn’t own a Hello Kitty! guitar, the loser). But if you ever hang out there, please befriend me. I’ve got lots of interesting music/guitar pals, many of whom know a hell of a lot more about this stuff than I do. We often have … um … lively conversations. Hope to see you!


Oh — if you type my name into the FB search field, you’ll see both my accounts. Pick the one with the Hello Kitty! guitar. The one with the green face is the account I use to hide from keep in touch with relatives and such.

BTW, I’m have no intention of abandoning this site! I just haven’t been able to put together the longer-form pieces I like to post, and probably won’t be able to for the next couple of months. (Meanwhile, I come here every day to respond to question/comments.)

8 comments to Be My Friend, Friend!

  • Keith

    No problem Joe. Many of us have been around since the SD days and at least I don’t plan on changing the channel. Make the most of your endevours, we’ll be here when you get back. Maybe I’ll even check out this facebook place you speak of.

    • joe

      Aww, thanks Keith! I always feel so guilty when I let my posts lapse, but hey, I have to do paid work sometime too. A zillion thanks for your support. 🙂

  • Great news on your projects Joe. Looking forward to hearing about them when you are free to talk. Dennis

  • Facebook !!! … what a pile of pooh!

    I don’t know if it’s because Facebook keeps updating its user interface, or because I only have a business page, but the user interface has yet to make any sense to me and if I refer to ‘how to’ pages on the web they all seem to be talking about a completely different application. None of the buttons or menus they talk about appear to be present on my page. There are perhaps too many outdated advice pages. Does anyone else share my frustration?

    So, I would ‘Friend’ you Joe …… if I could only figure out how.

  • Oinkus

    I was in the first 90k users on FB and I made it go away long ago forever. I don’t check in here very often (once a month) but you can find me over on with a bunch of old SD formites that left that site because of the current lack of customer support. Always around to support you and if you are ever near Hampton Roads you have to come over for a meal and see my crazy guitars.Stay safe and have fun Joe

  • tim

    Joe, I have sent The Friend Request. The Tonefiend posts have been absolutely crucial in my success in building home-brew pedals. I look forward to seeing any and all news you have!

  • joe

    Hey guys! I don’t want to make this sound like funeral. I’ll still be posting here! I’ve just felt guilty about the embarrassingly long silences .

    In fact, I was planning to post a new video/story about a new guitar setup I’m especially stoked about. But yesterday I got bitten by some frickin’ spider or something, and my left thumb is so swollen, I can barely play. But I hope to have a some cool new stuff to share within the next couple of days. (And it’s not even about trying to SELL anything!) 😉

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