Pinch Me. My Three New Pedals Are Finally Out!

Pedals In Stock

Holy crap, I can’t believe it! My three new pedals are actually in stock and for sale at Vintage King.

The new arrivals are Filth Fuzz, Cult Germanium Overdrive, and Gross Distortion. (Meanwhile, Duh Remedial Fuzz, which debuted last year, is back in stock after the last batch sold out.)

Here’s an overview video that my pals at Premier Guitar shot at the NAMM show last January.

As always, I’m grateful to the friends who helped make this happen, especially Miko Mader from M1, my distributor, and Tony Lott, who oversaw production at the Cusack Music facility in Michigan. In addition to displaying superhuman patience during the long development period, Miko and Tony made many suggestions that improved my original designs. Thanks also to my pal Tom Menrath, who introduced me to Miko and Tony. (Tom used to work at Vintage King, but now he’s with pro audio champs Cutting Edge Audio and Video.)

I’ve posted demo videos for each pedal here before. But I’m reposting them after the jump in case you need a memory refresher. (I certainly do!) And I couldn’t resist including a couple of brag-worthy quotes from some of my early adopters. Thank you all!

Cult Germanium Overdrive

“The most dynamic overdrive we’ve heard.” Guitar Player magazine

“Every once in awhile I come across a pedal that just blows me away. The Cult pedal by Joe Gore is indeed one of those. It’s instantly become an essential part of my tone. Well done!” —Richard Fortus (Guns N’ Roses, Crystal Method, Pink, BT, Dead Daisies)



Filth Fuzz

“Filth is amazing—I love it. So many, many sounds. I dig the way they feel, and how changeable that feel is.” —David Torn (solo artist, David Bowie, k.d. lang, John Legend, Madonna, Tori Amos, Jeff Beck)

“Filth is pretty f’in great!” — Joe Barresi, producer (Queens of the Stone Age, Soundgarden, Slipknot, Melvins, Bad Religion)

“Amazing sustain, sweetly aggro tones, and just enough sonic weirdness to turn peoples’ heads. Bravo!”
Guitar Player magazine


Gross Distortion

And in case you missed it …

Duh Remedial Fuzz

“Remarkable … responsive dynamics and simultaneously fierce and expressive tones. This is a pedal that doesn’t give up even one less-than-spectacular sound. It reminds me of ’60s records where the fuzz sound jumped right out of the grooves and changed my world.” —Guitar Player magazine (Editors Pick Award)

“I love it. Charles [aka Frank Black] loves it!” —Joey Santiago (Pixies)MORE GROSS INFO

</> incessant self-promo

24 comments to Pinch Me. My Three New Pedals Are Finally Out!

  • el reclusa

    Awesome to see more stuff available. The hard part now is deciding which one to budget for first!

    Semirelated: a coupla years back I saw some photos somewhere on the interwebs of John Parish’s pedalboard from the ‘A Woman A Man Walked By’ tour. He had at least one dirt box that looked handmade, and I’d been wondering if it was something you built, Joe. I’ve always been enamored of John’s guitar sounds, but lately his distorted tones have been really cool- slightly spitty but still articulate and full. Not unlike some of what your commercially available pedals are like in these demos.

    • joe

      Funny you mention that! I’d completely forgotten that I’d given John that pedal a few years ago. He mentioned it recently, and I sent him one of the prototypes for my Boring pedal, a clean booster I hope to release before long. So far he seems to be digging it! 🙂

  • Looks really nice! I’ve always been disappointed with pedals with kots of diode options, but I’m just now realizing hat this is because I’ve been thinking about them in a live context, not a studio with layering, etc. Thanks so much for the insight. 😉

    • joe

      Yeah, good point. I suspect that Gross may not be sufficiently dramatic for some players, but when you’re sitting behind the monitors paying to tracks, it’s really good for finding that just-right spot.

  • At long last!!! I’m placing an order for the Cult right now!

  • Gus

    I’ve been wanting to purchase Filth since I saw it demoed on the now defunkt Fuzz Box Girl…
    I’m in!!!
    Joe, you are a bad ass! Thank you for adding “color” to the world!

    • joe

      Aww, thanks, Gus. Fuzz Box Girl was pretty much the first person to ever write about my pedals! The version I sell isn’t all that different from the one she reviewed — the main change is replacing two pots with faders.

  • Landis

    Joe –
    Just ordered your Gross Distortion. Looking forward to much tweaking. Does it take a standard 9V center negative plug?
    Thanks much.

    • joe

      Thanks a zillion, Landis! I hope you enjoy it. Yes, all my stuff takes standard 9V power supplies. They don’t need high-amperage ones either, like some digital pedals do. Just the regular old stuff!

  • Roman

    cool stuff!

    will try to use it with Russian underground Konservnaya Banka axe..

  • OMG!!! It is so weird to see you with a guitar in lap, Joe, and hear you talk! haha.

  • el reclusa

    Onlt semi related, but what happened to the forum here?

    • Joe Gore

      Hiya, ER! I removed the link because no one had posted on any thread in months and it was looking sad. But if folks want it back, it’s easy to revive. Any other takers?

      • el reclusa

        Yeah…I kinda figured. My last couple of posts were starting to feel like messages is bottles that hadn’t reached the shore…or some such shit. Bummer, I really liked the forum but I agree, it has been pretty quiet lately.

  • Oinkus

    I sent you an email about the forum link a month ago or so when you removed it. Now I just do a search for forum. But yeah I have posted things in there that got 400 views and zero replies.Not a clue on anything remotely useful but I did just refinish and rebuild a 2014 SG Special that is soooo frikkin spiffy it makes me drool and I can still put my hands on it. Have yet to deliver it to the owner because he is out on the Atlantic Ocean catching money.

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