500 Dirty Cool Secrets!

It’s official — we now have over 500 cool users’ tone secrets over in The Secret Room. Want to learn a foolproof method for adjusting your pickups? Great advice on surviving soundchecks? Simple but brilliant wiring mods? Words of wisdom about technique and musicianship? It’s in there — along with lots of hundreds of other tips. Your reactions will range from “Wow, why didn’t I think of that?” to “Ugh — why would anyone think of that?” 🙂

Right now the most popular secret reveals how to determine how much sustain an electric guitar has — before plugging it in. All you have to do is…

…naw, you’ll have to read it for yourself. All you need to do to join the conversation is submit a secret of your own.

4 comments to 500 Dirty Cool Secrets!

  • Andy Foy

    Neck humbucker too woofy or muddy? Try turning it around so polepieces are on bridge side as opposed to neck side, and lower pickup a little bit.

  • Andy Foy

    When do I get my password? Sent a tip yesterday,

  • Matt Seniff

    Joe I want to give you kudos as it is obvious you spent a lot of time putting the Secret Room website together. Just the tips that are there must have kept you busier than a one armed man in man in a mosquito cage. Do you have a feel for the ratio of used versus unused submissions? Are there any hilarious submissions that didn’t make the grade in a blooper bin? Thanks for what has undoubtedly been a great deal of work on your part. I have spent a lot of time going thru them doing some ratings and writing a few replies and learned a lot. Keep up the good work you are a treasure.

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