New Audio Player: Loud & Cloud!

Hi folks — I’m experimenting with a switch to the SoundCloud audio player. I’ve been eyeing it for a long time, but until now it’s been entirely Flash-based, which meant you couldn’t access SoundCloud clips from mobile devices. But they’ve just introduced HTML5 support, so I’m ready to make the plunge.

The clip is an accompaniment to the post below about using unspotted Seth Lover pickups with the expanded Phase 2 version of the Jimmy Page wiring scheme.

One of the coolest things about SoundCloud (beside the nifty waveform view) is the fact that it supports notes. Just click on the little icons beneath the waveform to read a description of which pickup settings are being heard at a particular point. Sweet.

Work for you? Computer? Phone? Tablet? Any comments or questions? (Thanks in advance for for your unpaid beta testing!)


8 comments to New Audio Player: Loud & Cloud!

  • Roygbiv

    Hey Joe
    Worksogre at on. My iPad3

    Although Pparently I can’t type on the damn thing….. 

  • Oinkus

    Sounds good on my desktop , I kant tipe oar speell

  • Matthew Seniff

    Sounds good on my iPad2. The unspotted Seth Lovers sound great. How much different do the spotted ones sound?

    • joe

      I’ve never tried an unpotted Seth — the stock models are all unpotted, though you can get potted/unpotted versions of just about anything Seymour Duncan makes via the Custom Shop. The lack of potting tends to add a midrange resonance often described as a “honk.” The downside of potting is potential feedback. But as I discovered while preparing this post, it takes some work to get an unpotted pickup to feed back. You’d either have to be playing at extremely loud stage volumes through a huge amp. It’s almost impossible to get bad feedback from a Seth via a vintage-style combo amp, unless you cram the pickups right up into the speakers.

      The only other pickup SD makes that comes standard unpotted is the Antiquity Humbucker. It’s a close cousin of the Seth — but Seymour uses some of his secret magnet tricks to make it sound decades old. I love that pickup too — it’s a little warmer, softer and more compressed, in a very musical way. I dig those a lot too.

      It was news to me that these and other retro-style humbuckers are available with four-connector cable as standard orders (i.e., non-Custom Shop). I’m glad to hear it because a) I love those old, lower-output pickups, but b) I’m pretty addicted to all the four-connector wiring tricks at this point.   

  • Swen

    Work good on my old iBook G4

  • AZX

    there is also an App that you can use.

  • Dirtbagg

    I had it on my Android, I’ll need to re-install it and check it out, I’ll let you know later today.

  • Bear

    I don’t get it. My Android 2.2 phone wants a Flash browser plugin. (It’s an LG Optimus, which has always had weak Flash support but I thought the point was not needing flash.)

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