Tonefiend Book Week is Coming!

Tonefiend Book Week 2013

Next week at tonefiend we’ll be talking about our favorite guitar/music books. I’ll write about some of the titles I find especially useful, inspiring, or entertaining, and I hope you’ll chime in with some of your recommended reading.

Since there’s so much potential material here, I suggest we focus on a different book category each day. Here’s my proposed schedule:

Tonefiend Book Week is strictly an experiment, and a selfish one at that. If the past is any guide, the obsessive geeks experienced and sophisticated players who frequent this site will introduce us to lots of lively lutherie-linked literature. And I’ll do my best to keep up!

So scour your bookshelves, real and virtual. This shit is about to get real promises to be a most edifying conversation.

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  • Props and applause:

    Hiya Joe, I dunno how I found your vid on the ‘tube’ but I’m glad I did. I really dig what you lay down with that kitty strat. I see the looper as just a tool. It’s the chops of the player that makes the grade and you clearly have those. Amen! The guitar obviously does not need to be a spiky, metallic axe for a guy to lay down some serious groove!
    Excellent job, bud. Way to go.
    Am looking forward to browsing more of your blog.

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